Monday, October 12, 2009

And Here I Thought I Was a Bad Writer

I have no idea what kind of news service Associated Content is (or isn't), but this fine piece of, um, writing came up under a news search I was doing on Mike Zimmer, the Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator whose wife died suddenly last Thursday.

Mike Zimmer's wife and her cause of death still hasn't been released. But Mike Zimmer's wife's cause of death is naturally mysterious, since her death came out of nowhere. Mike Zimmer's wife, Vikki Zimmer, didn't have any sicknesses or diseases before she was declared dead on Thursday, as far as anyone knows. Since the news shocked everyone, Mike Zimmer's wife's cause of death is taking an extra long time to figure out. But no matter what the cause of death, Mike and Vicki Zimmer served as an extra inspiration to the red-hot Cincinnati Bengals on the field.

Then the second paragraph started:

Before Mike Zimmer's wife died, he was merely best known as the defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Just one question: Who's wife died again?


  1. Wow, that's as bad as it gets. Unless you count the Raiders' season, which is just a tad worse.

  2. Andy:

    I actually believe JaMarcus Russell wrote this.

  3. I'll buy that. It is way off the mark, after all.

  4. I am a really good writer AND this is not really good, good or even touching on good. It's just plain ungood.

    Nuff said. About that writer—the writer that writes ungood writing of whom should not be writing...right?