Thursday, January 7, 2010

Worthless West Seattleites

I love where I live. We have fantastic restaurants, stores and shops and quiet, rolling streets to take strolls down.

The place, however, is filled with elitiest, pseudo-intellectual, anti-military/business/American, eco goose-stepping liberals that annoy me to the nth degree.

Take for example "lina" who left this grating comment on the West Seattle blog regarding a report about 2 Blue Angels who were in the sky over our fair hamlet yesterday:

i do love summer, but i do hate the blue angels. no doubt the feats they perform are totally amazing but in this economy and time of war- the excess, noise and visuals of planes flying low over a major metropolitan city make me feel ill. thanks for the providing the date though- i now know when i need to get out of town for the weekend. sorry to be a party pooper.

There are about a 137 comments I could have left to put loony lina in her place, but I chose her last sentence because it cheesed me off the most. I responded thusly:

lina, if you were actually “sorry” about being a party pooper you would have kept your negative and worthless comment about our military to yourself. Don’t be sorry for something you’re clearly not.

Pardon the crappy grammar of my last sentence. I was, as I noted, cheesed off.

Oh, and lina, please do all of us a favor: Get the fuck out of town. Not just for summer, but permanently.

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  1. That last sentence made me want to spit out my drink...too funny dude.