Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best. Radio Commercial. Ever.

I'd love to have the actual spot, but I really don't need it in order to share its greatness with you, dear 3.5 readers.* A random sample of a few lines will do.

The spot is for Shari's Restaurants (as in Sherry). It's a man and woman enthusiastically touting the restaurant's pie promotion.

You so know what's coming next....

Man: "Who doesn't love Shari's pie!?"

Woman: "I could go for a piece of Shari's pie."

Man: "Shari's pie is the best!"

I'll bet it is. But sorry, I'm a one slice pie kind of guy.


  1. That would've been fun spot to direct.

    "Okay, more mmm, mmm, mmm, tasty hot pie-ish, then on the following take give me a little more lip-licking up whipped cream, passion"

  2. LOL!

    Cue up the porn saxophone!