Monday, June 15, 2009

What's The Farsi Word For Irony?

Let's quickly review.

A clearly rigged election where—miraculously—millions of paper votes were counted in just hours and run by the Minister of Interior

The shutting down of web sites, phone service and news outlets by the government—the only official reports coming from the iMinister of Interior itself.

A reform leader under house arrest, his fate uncertain. Hundreds, possibly thousands of students arrested and hauled off to God knows where.

And a regime that openly lies to the world without repercussions.

It's all too familiar.

This is the same government that tells us its seeking a nuclear reactor for "peaceful purposes." (Oh, and wants to ""wipe Israel off the map", let's not forget that classic hit.)

Finally, I wonder if President Obama will now stick to his word and that "we will welcome all elected, peaceful governments -- provided they govern with respect for all their people." Let's hope not. But I fear he will.

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