Monday, June 22, 2009

Who I Was Really Hoping Would Win The Open

Good to see David Duval have a great tournament. Was a time when I thought he epitomized everything that was wrong with golf before Tiger came along—mechanical, aloof and characterless.

Then I read the 1999 Sport Illustrated story on him*.

By the time I finished the article and learned about the personal demons that followed him around and what he was playing for, I was 100% in his corner.

I hear he's happier these days—married with kids and at relative peace with his past. All wonderful, wonderful things indeed.

So I was positively psyched to see him in serious contention once again—complete with the standard chew in his lip!

UPDATE: Holy shit! I just looked at the leaderboard and Duval is just 1 back with 2 to play! Go David!

UPDATE: Holy, holy double shit! Duval is on 18, tied for the lead! Come on, David!

* Or maybe it was Golf Digest, I can't remember exactly.

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