Monday, May 18, 2009

A Good Day for Gay Couples

I have a very simple and probably shocking (at least to some) opinion on gay marriage: So what, it doesn't affect me.

Which is why I believe that Gov. Chris Gregoire's signing legislation granting all the rights and benefits that same-sex couples today is a good and decent piece of legislation.

To those who believe that gay marriage devalues or threatens the meaning of marriage or who oppose this legislation, I have this to say: Stop being bigots; it does no such thing. And to the right-wing Christian groups opposed to this legislation, I also have this to say: You're being very un-Christian and your faith is weak.

Let me further clarify my "simple" view.

When my wife and I were in the process of getting married (aka: pre-cana), we sat down with our priest and discussed what our marriage would mean. In so many words, he explained that we were getting married in the eyes of God. Even though we had to register and sign a marriage license with the state, in our eyes, we were not getting married in the state's "eyes"; those "eyes" and documents are soulless, godless and hold no moral value, therefore, in that sense, gay "marriage" is not a 'threat' to us if it is recognized by a state.

Let me also say that marriage isn't a "right"—no one has a "right" to get married. (You're damn lucky if somebody loves your sorry ass enough to want to marry you in the first place.) However, no matter whether or not one believes gay marriage is actually a marriage*, states have no right to arbitrarily grant rights and benefits to one group and not to another. That is unconstitutional. This legislation clears that up.

Should gay advocates press legislators to pass legislation to require churches to officially recognize and conduct gay marriages, then, well, there would and should be a legit and vigorous opposition. But I am unaware of any such efforts.

What both straight marriages and gay 'marriages' have in common is quite simple: love. That is a very good thing. Do I believe gay marriage is an actual marriage? No, I don't; it is not in line with the teachings of God. However, I also believe that love is love no matter who it's between*. (That places me square in the middle of the eternal quandary of Man's willfulness against God, but that's my business to reconcile with my God.)

In the end, I believe that if two people want to make a lifetime commitment and share that love together, then the world is absolutely a better place. We need more love; not less**.

*And really, don't go with the 'well I'm in love with my dog, can I marry her?" idiotic misdirect.
** Kinda hokey and Kumbaya for me, I know, but here we are....

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