Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Worst. Play. With Pocket Aces. Ever.

Pocket aces. American Airlines. Bullets. Rockets.

Chances of being dealt them at a 9-handed table: 221-1. And a 2.8-1 favorite against any two cards pre-flop.

Given that rarity, you're looking to extract maximum value.

Last night. $60 buy-in at Roxy's double-stack tournament. 10,000 in starting chips. Blinds 50/25. I'm in the big blind (BB). Here's the action:

Under-the-gun (UTG), first to act pre-flop, raises to $200. Folds around to the button who goes all-in. Me and the small blind fold.

UTG laughs and mucks.

Button shows his A-A.

Other players oh and ah. I quietly chuckle and mutter under my breath, 'fucking...horrible'.

Honestly, I wanted to burst out laughing and say, "That was horrible! Wait, no, let me clarify: That is the single worst play I've ever seen with A-A. My 14-month old could play those better, really. But look on the bright side: I'll posting your play on my blog and at the Card Player forum so you'll be famous!"

I know I've only entered this tournament 5 times now, but it's amazing I haven't won yet. But I will if this keeps up. And I'm sure it will.

I finished in 11th—just missing the final table for the very first time.

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  1. Jesus H Christ. Not a word of English in that whole thing.