Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome Back, Everyone! (Except You, Dong Shower)

Welcome to OP’s World!

Now 100% Penis-Picture Free!


Well that wasn’t fun.

For those of you who don’t know, or didn’t have the pleasure of seeing it, someone was able to guess my password and to post a picture of a penis on the Blog Formerly Known as The Mudpuddle. I noticed the offending post pretty quickly and was able to delete it, which was good. But too late, my trust for that site was officially broken.

This was the culmination in a semi-long laundry list of issues that kept plaguing MP.

First, there was the “I like your blog…” spammer, who was fairly harmless, but annoying.

The real fun started in one of my first mildly controversial posts. What ensued there required me to delete numerous vile and threatening comments—and deleting comments is not something I like practicing, as I believe in free speech. Throughout the past year since that mess started, I had to delete other similar comments at various times, too.

Third, I had a similar incident to the dong shower occur a couple of months back, only that picture was too blurry to make out.

And then there was the latest tripod incident.

I don’t know who the dong shower was, and I don’t really care.

I have several people in mind that I think it could have be, all from several political sites, but again, I don’t care. (Could be from a couple of poker forums, too, who knows.) Since I don’t have the power to block IPs or find the offending IP, the easiest and quickest solution to losing Mr. One-Eyed Love Missile for good was to delete the blog. Did I want to? No, obviously not. I lost some posts I liked. Then again, the longer articles I almost always write and edit in Word, so no real great loss.

I suppose I could have just changed my PW and just continued deleting the occasional vile comment, but really, I was tired of doing that.

What this boils down to is me being far too careless and simplistic with with my password and, in part, my email.

Did I learn some lessons? You bet.

One, obviously don’t make your recently deceased dog’s name your password; it becomes far too easy to guess what your password might be. Two, don’t be stupid like me and occasionally leave your email in threads. Together these are so dumb that the next time you see me you have my permission to punch me in the nuts. Hard.

Three, there are some weird fucking people in this world, people that will stalk your blog and take the time to post pictures of schlongs. Don't believe me? Then you misunderestimate the number of weird ass people in the universe.

Finally, no more hyperlinks back to my site from political sites in hopes of gaining traffic. (This too may also qualify me for a second punch to the nuts.)

Now my password is so ridiculously secure that I hope I remember it. I have a new email address strictly for this site, too. And no more hyperlinking back to this site from various political sites. Now I feel much more secure!

So welcome back!

Add me to your blogroll again!

Link me in your posts again!

Just don't expect penis pictures again. I'm sure that will disappoint you terribly.

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  1. "Together these are so dumb that the next time you see me you have my permission to punch me in the nuts. Hard."

    PEPS is at my house this week. You'll wear a cup if you know what's good for you.