Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla

Today's Google home page honors the electrifying genius of one cool dude, Nikola Tesla.

Who's Tesla? Well, you plugged in your computer to one of his inventions: the alternating current electric power system—aka: the plug in your wall. In fact, any electrical motor we turn on today is all thanks to him. He revolutionized industry and lit up our nights more efficiently and less dangerously than did Edison's direct current system.

But that wasn't all!

Tesla invented the induction motor, wireless transmission of electricity, the Tesla Coil, bladeless turbines (like in dams), electrotherapy, x-rays, the floursecent lamp and much, much more. In fact, many scientists today think he was far more of a prolific and important inventor than Edison.

And yet, like many geniuses, he died penniless and alone.

Anyway, if you get a chance, try to catch the Modern Marvels epsidode "Mad Electricity." I think you'll become just as enthralled by Tesla's incredible genius and contributions to modern life as I am.

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