Tuesday, July 7, 2009


President Palin?

Not after placing a huge, benign tumor on her political future by quitting her post as Gov. of Alaska and citing tenuous and specious reasons for doing so.

Am I shocked in shame to discover how the right is trying to spin this as some grand move for POTUS '12? No, there's not an apologist in either party that, if placed in the same situation, wouldn't attempt to defend or save a potential strong POTUS candidate from such a reckless strategic move. But doing so smacks of fecklessness and defending the indefensible.

Plain quit her post, plain and simple. She quit on Alaskans and the GOP.

Do I think she had other reasons for quitting? I do, but it's just a theory. I think the whole tasteless Letterman fiasco was the final straw. Maybe it dawned her that, 'Hey, if it's this bad just as Gov. of Alaska, then it's going to be hell running for POTUS." And she wouldn't be wrong about that. Every left-leaning media outlet (far more than lonely old Fox News) from Hollywood to New York would be unmerciful in tearing her down, just as they did in the 2008 election. (The fact that the NY Times spent 5 front page stories covering Palin's $150,000 wardrobe while giving unequal coverage to Obama's nefarious ties to an unrepentant domestic terrorist and election-fraud masters over at ACORN speaks volumes.)

But quitting? That's not acceptable. That's not honorable. So I can't and won't defend such a reckless and thoughtless move.

Sorry, Sarah, I like you as a person, but you blew it. Big time.

And to my GOP brethren who think she's got a shot 2012: Much love, but you're delusional.

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